Custom Coasters

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It’s YOUR brand, make the MOST of it!

Custom printed coasters represent a terrific branding opportunity that is often overlooked by many hospitality businesses. Branding is second only to “word of mouth”, when it comes to successfully marketing your local business!

And one of the most important factors in branding are the number of positive impressions made by YOUR brand in YOUR market.
Coasters are not only very functional, they are the perfect opportunity to make YOUR mark. A beautifully printed coaster enhances the customer experience and communicates that your establishment is distinct from all the others in your market.

Beauty & Brains!

Coaster Kid supplies beautifully printed coasters in a breadth of thicknesses and colors. Furthermore, we only supply coasters that are made of 100% Recycled Pulpboard. Because we care about our environment and our limited natural resources- our coasters are as beautiful inside as they are outside!

Your Imagination is the Limit

We can print anything from your logo and slogan to whatever your imagination can come up with. We have 1000’s of custom colors that you can use. Simply send us your design for your custom printed coaster or let us help you design it with your brand in mind. The sky is the limit!
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